Saturday, February 12, 2011

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The Boxer Rebellion - The Cold Still

The Boxer Rebellion based on their third album, "Still The Cold " again to the soulful, supported by bombastic moments of Radiohead, Coldplay, Elbow or Eskobar ("Caught By There Light") and present a us self-contained, dark and atmospheric album.
Highlights include "No Harm" that the pleading words "There's no harm" only by swirling, ambient keyboard sound and simple, more and more constructive Beats stresses and is positioned as the opener of the plate well, and the rockier moments like " Step Out Of The Car "," Organ Song "(forward driving drums, organ sounds, conceived of as the Doves) and "The Runner", which prevent the album sinks into a sea of melancholy, pathos and melancholy.

is to provide an average of 6.83 points, reached the previous " Union " for sheets in court.

"Step Out Of The Car" video

appears to build on it now, the new album "The Cold Still." Musical muscle-flexing à la "Evacuate" or "forces" you look out in vain. most likely to go maybe "Step out of the Car" and "The Runner" by virtue stressed in that direction, but in general, the ten songs rather worn and therefore spherical. But without it some of the cherished intensity loss, Thus, the four guys have done it again, their basic structure of catchy choruses, instrumental tension and the great, ubiquitous voice of lead singer Nathan Nicholson with the necessary extraordinary aspects such as hearty courage Tom-Tom-use to season-organ sounds or polyphonic singing parts. With songs like "No Harm", "Memo" or "Locked in the Basement", the next success should certainly not be long in coming.
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The Boxer Rebellion are initially only two appointments to Germany:

24.03.11 Köln, Underground
31.03.11 Berlin, Magnet Club


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